Water Sports

Water Sports

Playing at Tanjung Benoa beach – Bali.  Such as Parasailing: Flying high in the Bali sky the view of the south of the island is absolutely stunning.  Kids can parasail in tandem with a instructor. Banana boat: A 15 minute ride on the banana boat for up to 6 persons.  This ride is excellent for both adults and kids.

Flying Fish: An amazing and thrilling ride for two people,accompanied by a instructor to control the flight. Jet Sky: A fast and thrilling ride. You will be accompanied by a instructor to ensure the ride is both fun and safe. Great for kids, too!

PRICE PER PERSON (Min 2 Persons)

  Package                           Discription                Price
Pacage A Banana Boat / Paraseling + Jet Skey Rp. 250.000/Person
Pacage B Banana Boat / Paraseling + Snorkling + Turtel Island Rp. 400.000/person
Pacage C 1x Diving nusa dua + Banana Boat / Paraseling Rp. 500.000/person
Pacage D Flay Fish + Jet Sky + Banana Boat Rp. 400.000/person
Pacage E Sea Wallker Rp. 500.000/person


       Description               Duration                  Price
Banana Boat / Parasailing 15 minutes Rp. 100.000 / person
Snorkeling + Pulau Penyu +/- 2 jam Rp. 300.000 / person
Jet Ski 15 minutes Rp. 150.000 / person
Flying Fish 2 Fly Rp. 170.000 / person
Diving Nusa Dua 1x +/- 45 minutes Rp. 400.000 / person

Not : you cant combination this tours by another tours acktivity

A reservation is required for the Shuttle service please Contact Us